What are exosomes?

Exosomes are naturally secreted by different kinds of cells. They contain growth factors that can help restore functionality to tissue.

  • Ultra-small vesicles – only a millionth of a millimeter
  • Signal cells via messenger RNA and microRNA
  • Contain specialized growth factors to feed and repair cells
  • Extensively involved in cell-to-cell communication

Exosomes are used to aid in pain management, help with hair restoration, or boost skin elasticity to decrease the appearance of sun damage.

How do exosomes work?

Imagine that a cell is like a beehive. Exosomes would then be like bees. They seek out specific cellular targets like bees seek out flowers and, upon arriving at their intended destination, transfer their cargo, or pollen, to recipient cells.

They then can:

  • Activate signaling pathways to change the behavior of recipient cell
  • Work as a nanocarrier loaded with proteins, cytokines, and growth factors
  • Mediate cell-to-cell signaling
  • Activate specific protein synthesis
  • Aide treatment for physiological and pathological conditions

Thus, medicine can harness exosomes to deliver specific therapeutics with extreme benefits for the receiver.


Maximum Concentration. Maximum Results.

Envision a dodgeball court. Your team has only one opponent left to hit with a ball before winning. You might hit him by throwing 10 balls simultaneously, but your chances significantly increase if you have 100 balls. Now, imagine that you have 10 billion balls. You’re almost guaranteed to hit your target. Similarly, with exosome products, a higher concentration provides the greatest potential for impactful results. EXOVEX only counts whole intact exosomes, unlike competitors who include other types of nanoparticles within their count.

The EXOVEX Difference

EXOVEX manufactures high-quality mesenchymal-stromal-cells derived exosomes (MSC-E), which hold great medical promises as they have been shown to:

  • Limit inflammation through releasing cytokines
  • Aid healing by expressing growth factors
  • Promote tissue healing and regeneration

Before placing cells in our proprietary growth medium, EXOVEX utilizes fluorescence-activated cell sorting to identify individual cells to produce our exosomes. We use multidimensional protein identification technology to determine which growth factors are present in our lab-controlled culture. This ensures the right growth factors are delivered in potent and precise batches.

By employing state-of-the-art next-generation-sequencing (NGS), EXOVEX scientists characterize and check each batch’s content for full-sized and intact exosomes. Using nanoparticle tracking analysis, we test each exosome to ensure it’s free of any DNA contaminant and delivers only the desired therapeutic product to the patient.

All told, our 9-step manufacturing process creates the safest and most potent exosome on the market.

Exosomes, Reimagined.

EXOVEX is the latest innovation in regenerative medicine featuring exosomes. Using a proprietary manufacturing process that creates the highest concentration of growth factors available on the market, EXOVEX provides a revolutionary product that safely delivers exceptional results.


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