PRP Vs. Exosomes

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, are regenerative medicine injections created by separating platelets from your blood. Providers use PRP for pain management and for reducing the appearance of aging. Once a provider injects PRP in the intended area, the platelets break down and release growth factors to help trigger your body’s natural healing process.


What are exosomes?

Exosomes are nanoparticles naturally secreted from cells that act as messengers to communicate between cells to help promote cellular regeneration. Exosomes are cultured and rigorously lab-tested in a controlled environment and can work for any patient, regardless of health or age. They are packed with highly potent growth factors and can help restore functionality to tissue, such as:

  • Aiding in pain management
  • Helping with hair restoration
  • Helping with building collagen
  • Boosting skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of aging.

Exosomes are rigorously tested in a controlled environment to ensure that they are potent, safe, and effective.

What’s the difference?

PRP and exosomes perform similar functions. However, patient-derived growth factors from PRP depend on the patient’s age and health, limiting their capabilities. While PRP creates an inflammatory response, exosomes are anti-inflammatory. Exosomes are the new frontier of regenerative medicine and expand on PRP’s foundation in new and exciting ways.


    • Results vary based on the patient’s age
    • Can be painful
    • Requires prep time and additional equipment
    • Requires more treatments
    • Treatments take longer
    • Requires downtime



    • More controlled and consistent outcomes
    • Pain-free
    • Easy to use (no drawing blood)
    • Requires fewer treatments
    • Treatments are quicker
    • No post-treatment downtime


The EXOVEX Difference: Safety, Control, Potency

Before placing cells in our proprietary growth medium, EXOVEX utilizes Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting to identify individual cells to produce our exosomes. We use Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology to determine which growth factors are present in our lab-controlled culture. This ensures the right growth factors are delivered in potent and precise batches.

By employing state-of-the-art Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS), EXOVEX scientists characterize and check each batch’s content for full-sized and intact exosomes. Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, we test each exosome to ensure it’s free of any DNA contaminant and delivers only the desired therapeutic product to the patient.

All told, our 9-step manufacturing process creates the safest and most potent exosome on the market.

Exosomes, Reimagined.

EXOVEX is the latest innovation in regenerative medicine featuring exosomes. Using a proprietary manufacturing process creating the highest concentration of growth factors available on the market, EXOVEX provides a revolutionary product that safely delivers exceptional results.

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