Exovex: Exosomes Reimagined.

EXOVEX is the latest innovation in regenerative medicine featuring exosomes. Using a proprietary manufacturing process creating the highest concentration of growth factors available on the market, EXOVEX provides a revolutionary  product with the potential for revenue generation that delivers exceptional results.

What Makes Us Different

EXOVEX Key Differentiators

The 9-Step Patent-Pending Manufacturing Process

The proprietary process ensures the highest concentration of exosomes, precise payloads, high potency, and uniform morphology. With the help of nano-tracking analysis and molecular characterization, our industry-leading innovation creates the most advanced growth factor on the market. 

Highest Exosome Concentration & Potency on the Market

The higher the growth factor concentration, the better the potency. Lab-tested for maximum concentration of exosomes, leading to better results. 

Easier to Use than PRP

With EXOVEX there is zero prep time. It is topical so there is no extraction or injection, no patient pain, or extra equipment needed compared with PRP. Simply apply the growth factor to the treatment area. An ROI booster and a time saver with more controlled outcomes. 

Safer Than Stem Cells 

The variety of exosomes means that they can be used for a broader range of targeted treatments than a stem cell. In addition, exosomes are not injectable and are applied topically. They require less prep work, zero culture, less time and equipment, and minimal training. 

Brand New NanoTechnology with Limitless Potential

The possibilities for exosome growth factors are growing continuously. Researchers already see opportunities in dermatology, chronic pain and inflammation, medicine delivery, cancer treatment, mental health, and diagnostics. Its versatility means you can apply it to a variety of treatments.

New Revenue Stream

Because of its ease of use, medical staff and non-MD providers can apply during or after treatment, earning revenue without involving a physician. Used as an add-on for laser or microneedling treatments, it can provide additional income for treatments. 

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Exosomes are ultra-small vesicles secreted by a variety of cells. They work as nanocarriers and can mediate cell-to-cell signaling and activate specific molecular responses involved both in physiological and pathological conditions. Exosomes can be harnessed to deliver specific therapeutics with extreme benefits for the receiver. Exosome content strictly correlates with the cell-type they originated from. In this regard, ExocelBio manufactures high-quality Mesenchymal-Stromal-Cells derived Exosomes (MSC-E). MSC-E hold great medical promises as they have been shown to limit inflammation through releasing cytokines; aiding healing by expressing growth factors and promoting tissue healing and regeneration


Source and Test

High quality placenta tissue is sourced from consenting donors with strict inclusion and exclusion criteria. A single use of the chorion is used and tested: Serology, Sterility and PCR.


Sort, Select + Expand MSCs

Through Florescent Assisted Cell Sorting, MSCs are sorted and selected specific to a subgroup of cell surface markers. Once selected, the MSCs are expanded until confluence in our proprietary culture medium. This ensures a finalized precision payload of exosomes.


Seed, Bottle, Collect + Release

As MSCs are being optimized for maximum efficacy, exosomes are collected and ultra-filtered at .22 µm. These exosomes are then retested for serology, sterility and PCR.


Exosome Characterization

Our exosomes are third party tested using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology (MUDPIT) and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NGS). Through these tests, we can characterize our exosomes for EXOVEX that sequences the RNA, identify growth factors and proteins. Ensuring each exosome has the lipid bi-layer so each vial has the proper concentration of fully intact exosomes.


For our customers using EXOVEX, we want to provide you best-in-class support for your practice, your patients, and you. We look to be a partner in your cellular regenerative journey. 

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EXOVEX Serum is a cellular regeneration product, for topical application, offering a formula of proprietary growth factors. EXOVEX Serum encourages healthy turnover of cells and protects them from free radical damage prompted by environmental factors.
EXOVEX Serum comes in 4 concentrations: 450 Billion, 100 Billion, 25 Billion in 5mL 0.9% Saline, and 12 Billion exosomes in 2.5mL 0.9% Saline, for topical use only. Ask your health care professional for their recommendations regarding optimal application.

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles capable of transferring DNAs, micro RNAs, non-coding RNAs, and lipids, without direct cell to cell contact, which represents a novel method of intracellular communication.

Their natural material transportation properties, the capability of intrinsic long-term circulation, and high biocompatibility are the most suitable factors for the delivery of a variety of proteins, chemicals, and nucleic acids.

According to several research studies, exosomes have generated positive results as mediators of intercellular communication, thus, potentially delivering the functional proteins, mRNA transcripts, and miRNAs to cells in the body.

Exosomes that are derived from MSCs have potential therapeutic properties and are biocompatible and efficient agents against various disorders such as organ and tissue damage.

Purpose-built exosomes can play a significant role in the regeneration of skin and other tissue as a topical application and are often used as part of a holistic approach to wellness, health, and aesthetics.

Exosomes can also be part of a disruptive mix of interventions that can be directed at restoring both external and internal wellness. These are typically the best non-invasive solutions available on the market to create customized combinations of cutting-edge technology for wellness.

We work with leading clinicians who use holistic approaches to design these novel solutions.


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Exocel Bio is a nanotechnology and biotechnology thought-leader and industry influencer and was recognized by PM360 as one of the most innovative companies. Our mission is to make cellular regeneration a reality by leveraging our nanoparticle technology platform. As an expert in regenerative medicine, Exocel Bio provides educational platforms for the exciting new field of exosomes, regenerative medicine, and the entire field of nanotech and biotech.

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